Remember this quote from Oscar Wilde.

You cannot make him value you, but you can make yourself more valuable. The possible reasons are

  • You are too clingy.
  • You are too aloof.
  • You are too simple (No one is)
  • You are too complex.

The secret to better love-life is ‘Masala Mix’. Be every thing. Some times be clingy, some times be aloof.Mix things up. Mind gets bored of monotonicity and loves mild surprises.

I you guy is really not interested in you means you need to become more sexy!. Only one instinct in which a man has no control over himself is ‘feminine touch’. If he doesn’t feel like touching you,listening to your sexy voice or learn your sexy dresses, means the biology is wrong.

Lose weight, get sexy dresses and just lure him a bit. men seduce through words and women seduce through body, fragrance and touch. Be a sexy women and he will be attracted to you like before.

Further stop playing that game of thrones which you used to play before accepting his proposal. Now you also have to follow. Boys are like that. One you accept their proposal, they become assured. its not that they cheat but yes they do find ‘other stuff’ more interesting like friends and their dirty talk.

Men want to win and they want it more than any thing. After they have won you there are two options. Surrender to them like a great lover or keep them interested by having some thing to win from you!

Love is most complicated emotion. It has several stages. It takes a lot of time and effort to occupy some one’s mind all the time.

Reinvent yourself. Evolve in love. Read male psychology, some good books like ‘Men are from Mars and women are from Venus’ . Read psychology and not romantic novels. Novels are stories.

No one is entitled for any thing. Every one has to earn it.

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