I start with a musical here.


  • गैरों पे करम , अपनो पे सितम…
  • Lets us avoid selfish people like we avoid terms and conditions of software agreement.
  • Love teaches everything. Talking,Texting,Messaging,Missing,even calling…Just wait for it to happen!
  • Careless are never care free.
  • Your search for a man ends here,for puppies, scroll your chat list!
  • If you don’t have time for me…I think you won’t mind if someone else has…
  • Your trial period has expired…Please renew your license…
  • I want my “I love You” back…
  • Difficult part is not to satiate the thrust but to keep the desire.
  • Less Available
  • I said before, status me aata hoon, message me nahin!
  • Just searched Google: Are you alive app… (Just a bit concerned)
  • The IP address has changed…the page you are looking for does not exist or has moved.
  • Error 404 …Page not found
  • Thinking about my status…❤️
  • I am not concerned about number puppies you have…I am only concerned about your taste going down (Hint : Scroll your chat list ;).
  • Please wait its loading….
  • Some times life does get difficult to live only on whats app status.
  • Wanna know my status ? But why ?
  • huh!!
  • For better answers ask me…Your friends also don’t know much!
  • If your looks deceive, my words flirt…!
  • Just broke up with my status…It stole my girl friend..!!
  • The only thing which I love about is same as the only thing which I hate…Its uncertainty.
  • I wonder how some people can live their whole day by just laughing and having a good sleep…When do they eat?
  • My last seen can see your last seen. Your weirdness matches my madness.
  • All psychology known to girls if from one source : Whats App status!
  • Lets break up………..The ice in between (Relax)
  • # ATTITUDE’और वो भी `# भाई’ को…अरेपगली सुन ..° °जितनी तेरी••#CONTACT••लिस्ट हैना , उतनीलडकियां तो#भाईके°°BLOCK°° लिस्टमें है..••★. (Copied from FB).
  • If you aren’t impressed with me even now, I am not gonna try more…
  • My love is guaranteed by your love.
  • The problem is not that you shouldn’t fool me but it is that you can’t…
  • An ignored lover becomes a player or monk…I am kinda all three…

PS : All these status were my status or were tentative status.Some of them are only for fun, some are replies to ‘some one’s’ status, some are just teasing. You can’t figure out who’s who!

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