Hemant write on (Quora 3600 followers, 2.7 million views).

20 Years : 100 Lessons: My ‘unconventional’ life lessons in 100 Articles

This book has 100 articles for total life experience worth of 20 years.

Whatever research he conducted online (10000+ Hours), plus knowledge gained from all books, articles, documentaries, YouTube videos etc. in last 10 years is summed up in these articles.

He also runs a personal blog Life Hacks.

You can say that these 100 articles are worth research of 10000+ hours and will save this much time of yours.

This book is a great book for collectors and great for quick reference.

All content is properly categorized in 6 categories
Life Hacks
Attraction Hacks
Love Lessons
Words of wisdom

Most of the links given in this book can be traced to his blog.

Google ‘Hemant Pandey Books’ to know more about him

All articles cover many facets of my life as a Relationship expert, Entrepreneur and a General observer.

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