1. My carefree nature : I am quite a positive person and don’t take anything to heart easily. I don’t keep baggages and expect others to behave like that. But the world is complex and that is why I get hurt many a times. I don’t live in memories but in moments. I remember only the moments and their magic for the time spent with you. Most of your negatives are only temporary memory in my mind. But people do not easily forget, specially the things which have hurt their ego. This often creates unsettling trauma for me.
  2. My vulnerability in love : I am quite good other wise. Emotionally sound, confident and practical. But in love I am quite vulnerable. My guards don’t stay up while in love and that is a dreadful thing for me. Love is dangerous for me.
  3. My understanding of emotions and world : High emotional IQ has a problem. I understand what is going on in people’s mind and act proactively by assuming the situation. Now this creates a different problem. I take people think that I am needy or foolish! You were angry, I know. But now you are not and I know this too! Games never help.
  4. My extremism : I am extremist. I am totally into you or not even a grain of it. This extremism makes me a difficult proposition Usually I do not get angry with people but once I am on ther side of equation, its very difficult to get me back!

I am working out to become more rational and less emotional.

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