Girls like your looks but love your words!

  • Girls are different from boys.They chit chat alot. Alot means almost all day!. They are always on whatsapp with their friends.On FB, on Quora (Silently observing).When they don’t talk with some one , they start talking in their mind!
  • They also love suggestive sentences with vague meaning . Be direct with them and they don’t like you.Depending on scenario choose your words.
  • Never be general.These messages MUST be avoided.
  1. You are very beautiful.(Her answer in her mind : I am aware.Every body says so.).
  2. Your walk is gracious.
  3. Your are bubbly.
  4. When you talk, my life becomes alive etc. and all that seventy seven crappy learned common lines.
  • Observe, be genuine and real.
  • Example : Your eye brows remind me of my earlier crush(Girl friend).
  • Your energy (eyes) is penetrating to the soul.

Be direct.Go and say.Don’t seek validation,no  request.If you say, You are nice,just say it directly without any context and building.You can just go and say “I like the way you laugh,talk,walk or any thing”.

Remember : Confidence is the greatest seducer.