We all are well aware of Alpha male traits and its importance in relationships. Alpha frame is just awareness of basic rules of the game. Many times we do get carried away in the presence of feminine energy.

Only way to maintain alpha frame is to practice it continuously. You can’t be Alpha with a girl and beta everywhere else.

  1. Greatest Alpha trait is nonchalance. I Have personally experience dramatic changes in girls behavior if you don’t give a fuck to her for first five minutes. Just make her invisible. look at her male friends (if in a group). After those five minutes you can find her hooked for your attention and validation.
  2. Do this everywhere, every time and you will inbuilt permanent Alpha frame into yourself.
  3. Alpha frames are of two types. Short term and long-term. For short-term you have to demonstrate that you are better than her. You are non needy and do not need her for your entertainment.Only quality women like in any man second to nonchalance is ‘better than her behavior’. Long term Alpha frame is just keeping a track of your behavior with the girl, your response time interval, length of text messages and amount of attention.The problem with women is that they never stop testing and judging you. If you flunk only once and they shall take the lead.Women are merciless in the power game.
  4. Alpha men are not jerks or arrogant lads. They do help women, open door for her,talk smoothly, have chivalry and social etiquette. Only thing which distinguishes them from ‘Beta nice guys’ is detachment. They are not ‘affected’ by woman’s tests, mood swings and tantrums. They have the ability to shrug her off a bit if she is going too out-of-the-way. Women absolutely love guys who have little balls to shut her up sometimes and show her, her place. A nice guy can never imagine to offend any girl. This is the prime distinguisher.
  5. Never lose your frame,never lose your game.

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