8 tricks to read a person like a book

  • Face : Index of mind : Truly said. A quick glance of any one’s face, wrinkles, change of expressions while talking with them can reveal a lot about them.Not exactly the physical features but the way they interact with each other. Eyebrows, lips,forehead all have clues about one’s personality. Pitch of their voice also determines a lot about any one. With patience and experience you can develop this skill. I use reverse engineering here. I judge any face before I talk to them. Later I match my observations with the real. With just 100 faces our skills reach to unprecedented heights. It can be. sharpened to the extent that you can virtually read any one’s mind like a book.Following image is for illustration only. Further research advised.
  • Eyes : Windows to soul : Eyes never lie. When in doubt, look into eyes of any one. There lies the truth. Dilation of pupils,glow in eyes etc are already well-known signals.The image below summarises some methods.Further research is advised.
  • Body : 93% of communication :

  • Words : Mirror of personality : Yes words we use have various categories. Positive, negative, power words,charming,flattering,arrogant,show off,flamboyant etc. Paying attention to them give us enough clues.
  • Clothes : Class of thoughts : Our choice of clothes is revealing.Traditional ,modern,open,extrovert,introvert etc. are all depicted in our choice of clothes. But take time to judge.For one particular event, we may prefer different choices.
  • Hygiene : Personal beliefs : Hygiene i.e. personal hygiene speaks a lot about any one’s personality and core beliefs related to discipline. Dirty, filthy nails and stinking tooth or body are never a good sign of healthy lifestyle.
  • Accessories : Lifestyle : Accessories often define your hidden lifestyle. Pay attention to colour of lipstick,nail polish, perfume intensity and shade, watches, quality of rings worn etc. Are they simplistic or complex ? Defines a lot about any one’s personality.
  • Handwriting : Passage to subconscious : Learn some graphology. It is worth it. I learnt some basic graphology and found it to be pretty accurate.

More research is solicited.

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