Some blatant truths of life…

  1. This (and everything else) too shall pass.
  2. We always confuse love with attachment.
  3. Want to test whether you love some one ? Here is the rule book. Whenever some one hurts you test your reaction. If you are angry, then it was just your ego play. They are not your lover yet. If you feel pain but not anger, you are in love. We might be disappointed with people we love but cannot be angry with them for long time. Anger transforms to empathy in love. We stop judging but start understanding. Instead of inflicting them with pain we try to feel their causes of grief. In ego you react. In love, you feel. That’s mind vs heart.
  4. We want to hold back in attachment. We want to let go in love. Love always comes back else it was just lust mixed with attraction.
  5. Deeper you go in love, more you drop your ego. You and your love can’t coexist. One has to depart. Love is a personality in itself.
  6. It always start with ‘I love you’. In the mean time either one of three remains. I or love or you.
  7. Love is the simplest means to achieve eternal bliss i.e. enlightenment. Enlightenment is loss of ego. Love does it with apt ease.



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Hemant Pandey
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