Most cruel things in life are mind (fucking) games.

Interestingly were all play, knowingly or unknowingly.

Based on evolutionary perspective, we are designed to manipulate people a little bit to suit our purpose.That is perfect and is necessary.But at times we tend to misuse and abuse our emotional intelligence to harm people.

Examples :

  1. Dating wait list : Hot girl keeping too many back up options and keeping people in lurch and loop as well as hope. In a scenario where it is not at all difficult for a average girl to get a boy friend (May not be the desired one but any one), a hot girl has too many options at will.There is no need of back up options as such. But to kick her ego she uses (abuses) her new found (short lived though) power.Same holds for fuck boys, seducers,charmers,dandies and people conversant with cognitive emotional psychology. They keep too many girls in their charm loop (even though they might not want to date or love or fuck them), just to magnify their over blown false ego.
  2. Lovers paradox : Our shitty mind games do not end in courtship phase.They progress further (More shittier) in relationship phase. Who should call first, text first, be more responsive,be more busy etc.etc. That is not love.It is still courtship!. We crave for power in relationships as in business negotiations. Love is love.Love means their is no window and gate left unopened for the soul.You can call any time. It is a 24 hour job, not a part time job or weekly assignment.We play with our mind even in the matter of heart! Possible reason is insecurity, false media hype non understanding partners, love out of peer pressure and not a true love etc. etc.

The nature of heart and mind is diametrically opposite.A girl might almost die to chat with her lover but most of the time refrain from initiating the text (Famous feminine ego). She can respond instantaneously means that she had time, was mentally prepared for a chat but was not initiating!

Mind wants power but heart bestows it.The real problem is that the manipulators are having such an edge in dating world now a days that genuine love is buried deep down in the closets of hearts.

Just think for a while. Do you think you are only clever person in this whole world? When you start to play, a pattern emerges. You can never break that jinx!. You are trapped in your own game. Even though you feel that you are in charge but you can also not break your own rules!

I seriously miss that innocent love of our times.



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Hemant Pandey
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