1. Die hard romantic.
  2. Straight forward.
  3. Extremist. Either very simple or very complex.
  4. Mathematician, philosopher,entrepreneur, writer,blogger.
  5. Curious : Insatiable desire for knowledge.
  6. Detached : Sort of detached from the world (spiritual).
  7. Lover : Prefer true love hug to steamy sex, anytime.
  8. Foodieeeeeee ….
  9. Health conscious and fitness enthusiast.
  10. Infinitely positive.
  11. Passionate lover (No one can love like me, full time lover if I really love you).
  12. No emotional baggage formula. I am seldom angry from anyone for ever. Our lives are too short for all the ‘Its complicated’ issues. Your ego, my ego and everyone’s ego shall be ashes one day. Let us celebrate life as long as we are here.Just a call and I am even with you again.
  13. Self less in relationships (friendships). I don’t count pennies or time devotion when I like some one.
  14. No expectations : Expect nothing back from love, friendships, relationships. I believe in playing my part well and go away. Don’t ever wait for other person’s turn (this is also expectation). I believe in only one thing. True love cannot be stopped.If it can be stopped, its not love in the first place. Why worry then ?
  15. 5 ft 11 inch (Both metrics are for height only!)
  16. Flirty Lover : Fall in and out of love on daily basis.I love people in general and women in particular. I believe that women must be given all administration of world. Men are good at creating but very very bad at preserving and managing.Creation is a male thought so is destruction. Preservation is feminine.
  17. Get bored easily.Easier to attract me but very difficult to keep me interested. I love surprises, some thrill, some action.Some tension, some friction, some spice.
  18. Good conversationalist but often refrain from initiating.If you spend 1 hour with me, be sure that you shall enjoy it (money back guarantee!). Sometimes I am too inbound and detached from outer world that I may look like arrogant as well as indifferent. I can’t help it. Sometimes I meditate even in jam packed local train.Meditation to me is ‘supreme relaxed state of mind’. I often go into the state of flow. For hours when I am deeply involved in my work, I forget every thing, ranging from food, friends, entertainment, every thing. my work is my entertainment.
  19. Responsive : Never fail to answer to any messages of any kind. Need my help.Drop all inhibitions and write to me or be on call. I don’t judge, I understand. I love interacting as this is the only way to get exposed to the inner self of any one. Remember only one thing. Best way to reach me is through email.
  20. Just like water : With me, it’s only you. I don’t have any defined inner persona. I totally submerge myself in the reality and world of others. I love people, love to interact and this is what I am.

PS : Forgot to tell that I am quite moody (I switch from being in this world to detached from the world).

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Hemant Pandey
Hemant lives in Mumbai (India),writes on Quora (2600 followers, 2.8 million views).Published 5 books on Amazon Kindle. Entrepreneur, Writer, Mathematician, Professor.