Geeks or nerds …whatever…Few points (Writing as assumption from point 3)

  • Geeks are too detail oriented. They find patterns in every thing.Your face is elliptical, you sound like a ‘saxophone’, your mind’s operating system has to be refreshed when you are angry or getting bored.
  • The algorithm of your chats is not logical. You must start with ‘hi’ and not ‘where the hell are you’. You must end with ‘Good bye’ and not ‘You love me na’.
  • I am not a Geek but a Mathematician. I love technology and psychology. Hence you can call me a ‘Geekcian’ (Sensing logic!).
  • On any date you can have a lot of ‘me’ time as we don’t talk much (I am quite talkative, as pointed by ‘someone’, but only selectively and to selective people). If we really speak our heart out for any thing we are passionate about, you can’t stop listening.
  • We can calculate the bill in our mind even when the cashier is writing them only in his sheets. We often correct him and he gives us an ‘wow’ look.
  • I will never bore you as I will listen to you with passion. Nerds are avid learners and the believe in the maxim ‘Knowledge speaks, Wisdom listens’.
  • Our compliments can be ‘weird’.
    • Wow new dress, look the color is same as new iPhone’s gold edition.
    • My love system doesn’t dual boot. You are my only primary partition.
    • I feel like Linux Mint 17.3 Rosa and you look like OSX el captain 10.12.
    • Some times you are as sexy as iOS 9.3. My mind’s operating system hanged as it can’t bear load of your charm!
    • I can ‘fix’ all the ‘errors’ in your disturbing mood!
    • Your dangerous dog is just a virus in our love story!
    • He needs to be Quarantined before I enter your place (If you don’t bring my so called forceful ‘Brother in law in making’ to the date!).
  • Geeks understand world (Or can understand) but they prefer not as world is quite boring and routine to them.
  • Perks (Extra features) :
    • No one and absolutely no one will disturb us on any date as we always have all our notifications turned off. No emergency call comes to us (As they know we are not gonna pick it!). No whats App or FB interference too.
    • We always love your ‘Software’ and are not impressed by your ‘Hard ware’.
    • You can always find info about every new thing happening in tech world. You will always find a ‘never seen before’ gadget peeking from side pocket of our ‘Lappy Bags’.
    • ‘Lemon’ is NOT a fruit and an ‘Apple’ a day is very expensive!
    • That ‘out of the bed look ‘ is not an effect of ‘wax’…its natural to us.
    • You can make sure that we don’t cheat you as who the hell in the world has time apart from playing ‘2048’, sokoban,Sudoku and yes…sleeping!
    • Only tab you need in your browser open while chatting with us is ‘Google’! (Don’t ask me in the comments ‘ why the hell ‘Lemon’ is not a fruit!)
    • Only relative which come with us on a date is ‘Google Baba’!
  • If you wanna date a geek, please make sure you meet the minimum specification mentioned above.

What does the term ‘Masculinity’ mean in the post-modern society where gender roles have been merged?


Hemant Pandey
Hemant lives in Mumbai (India),writes on Quora (2600 followers, 2.8 million views).Published 5 books on Amazon Kindle. Entrepreneur, Writer, Mathematician, Professor.