I have heard many guys refusing to accept Red Pill concepts altogether. They argue that love is natural and seduction and red pill are manipulation. I want them to learn the naked reality of today’s world vs world twenty years back.

  1. A decade or two ago distractions aka options were low for both men and women. Usually people used to meet daily, had more time to connect and all this social media connection was absent. Since absence creates desire and cravings, once a couple was in love, they used to think about each other all day and were mentally connected. This helped them maintain right amount of absence for love to flourish.
  2. Now with the advent of social media tools, this absence is absent. Today its now too easy to connect, too easy to get more options and linger in distraction. Thus in this new scenario it is imperative to know and apply new rules of texting and passive commuinication.

Few take aways

  • Never be too available. Be busy or keep yourself busy. After some time you will find that girl craves for you. Its only in the begining. Once you set the tempo wiht some patience, you win forever.
  • Do not answer all texts. Just as girls don’t answer texts if they feel its not important to answer, do the same.
  • Always end text first. No need to carry on conversation if its not interesting.
  • Last rule for now : Never end the conversation, means don’t say goodnight, good bye etc. As soon as you get a little break, vanish , only to appear next day.Similarly no need to begin day by good morning etc. Just start informally. Think as if you are already living with her and she is in front of you.This serves two purposes. It creates great chemistry and it removes formality.

Remember text is just a starter, a tool to contact. Keep it minimal. Save conversation for meetings if you do not want to become her another time pass online friend.

PS : Never ask nudes on messages. It looks tempting but gives immense power to girls. Want nudes, take while having sex.