1. I have sacrificed security of 9 – 5 job to get freedom of Entrepreneurship.
  2. I have sacrificed fake social media life to get some real cool friends.
  3. I have sacrificed ‘ego feeding’ social media to gain insightful ‘knowledge media’.
  4. I have sacrificed social norms and boundaries to ‘do what I love’ and ‘follow my heart in every possible way.
  5. I have sacrificed wealth, for free and quality time, to gain knowledge, insight and enlightenment.
  6. Lastly I sacrificed Windows for my Mac… 🙂

Windows is like my official partner but Mac is my ‘real’ partner.

via What have you sacrificed to achieve something in life?


Hemant Pandey
Hemant lives in Mumbai (India),writes on Quora (2600 followers, 2.8 million views).Published 5 books on Amazon Kindle. Entrepreneur, Writer, Mathematician, Professor.