Buddha said : Root of all evil is desire.

The problem is not that we must not desire or fulfill our ambitions.The problem is that we attach our inner happiness and bliss with the outcome of those desire.

Desire is NOT the real evil but attachment to outcome is.

The moment my next happiness is dependent on new SUV, the same moment I plan termination date of my happiness!. The second moment I get the SUV, the joy begins to diminish!. Mind want a better bigger MUV the very next week and my all joy now shifts to imaginary happiness in future!

Happiness is already there, its already hidden in present moment.You can be blissful with out reason. Have you seen little kids. Are they happy ? Do they need reasons for their happiness ? No.They are happy all in themselves.

People are NOT suffering because they don’t have enough, because enough is never enough. Your infiniti is again just infinitesimal if we go on doubling it for a while.I don’t teach mediocre life or life without dreams or ambitions but I do emphasize on detaching you bliss from ‘outcomes’.

We all were eternally happy when we were kids. That is our basic nature. the media, corporate and system has poisoned us for unhappiness and then they sell us solutions for our bliss!

A bigger house, a bigger Audi, bank balance etc. all feed our ego. Ego is restless and is never satisfied.Run after success,money,love or whatever but by staying in your bliss zone and not drifting away with them.

This is the prime reason for happiness and sadness, combined.

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Hemant Pandey
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