Lets assume a hypothetical situation.(I will assume myself in situations as I would have behaved).

  • You can read my other answers and know that I never propose (d) a girl. Why ?
    • I am quite shy in expressing real feelings in front of real person. Other wise I am quite chatty and can connect to almost any one instantly. I can hold long discussions and chats. Then whats the problem in proposing the right one , when I know in many cases that the love is mutual ? Because I give enough more than direct hints to the person concerned that I really do love them. if you ask them in private they will testify this. So they know I love them without doubt. Enough evidences, proofs and testimonies. Then I expect them to make a move. It serves two purposes.
      • I know that I am the only one. (Girl proposing a boy is less common).
      • Girl has enough emotional intelligence to catch non verbal feelings.(Very important for me). You can this think as a kind of test.
    • Thus the need of sneaky proposal is by itself eradicated. Sneaky means conspicuous, suspicious and low confidence. It can also be turned around and you might say that I didn’t meant that and all! You are trying to have a safety net, a cushion. You are not baring it all. You have doubts, fears and insecurities. If only reason is shyness (Non existent now a days), then fine, else this can be a turn off.
    • Love is all about complete surrender, a complete surrender of ego and self. If you can’t risk yourself totally, then you are not risking at all. If some one proposes to me with full emotion and without safety nets, means she is staking her total self worth and identity for me. What can be a better proof of love than it is ? If you love, you don’t expect any thing. This is the ultimate stage of love. You need to burn your bridges and leave your self behind for the pursuit. Love is God. No cheating with him.
  • If some one is not in that ultimate stage of ‘Stake All’, then it is very difficult for that person to keep hold of me. I have strong testing mechanisms. I devote my all energy an life to love and hence I have very difficult passing criteria.

If you are sneaky, I am freaky, my girl!

PS :  For casual relationships, friendships, flicks, time pass, utilitarian partnerships, FWB and so on, the criteria are what is mutually agreed.

Conclusion : You must invest the same amount of energy and tests as the other person is employing.

Last word : I am just a Mirror, You see your image in me not mine. I am formless.

Why should only boys have to propose to girl? Can we expect the reverse to happen? Why or why not?


Hemant Pandey
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