Few random hypothetical sci-fi thoughts experiments…

  1. Present is (might be) a projection of future on to the past. As suggested by double slit experiment , future affects the past!. A strange consequence of all this might be that we are living in a pre-programmed universe guided NOT by the past but by the future.Our destinies are predecided (Just like in a video game), we are just playing our parts. If that is the case, just chill and fuck free will!
  2. Aliens might be future humans visiting us.Further given the size of universe it is seemingly impossible that Aliens use inter stellar traveling to come to us. One possible scenario is use of star gates, which creates short cuts in space time fabric to cover large distance sin short amount of time.
  3. Big bang never occurred. We are living in an eternal cycle of creation and destruction.The fact that everything started from a point is anti physics and against laws of physics. This is same as justifying God for creation of universe.
  4. Mind has ability to move out of human body. Else how come our ancestors were so sure about of position of stars, planets etc. with out any modern instruments ? Might be out of body experiment!
  5. There is no mid point on number line.We can select any arbitrary point as zero and choose it as center. Think again. Think in terms of zooming. We can zoom an atom to the size of 100 million universes! There is no infinitesimal or infinity theoretically. Its all in the mind!
  6. Earth might be center of universe. Technically since earth , sun and galaxies are all moving with respect to each other, we can choose earth as center of universe. And also keeping earth as fixed, we can in fact prove that sun and other planets revolve around earth!. It is just change of frame of reference as well as change of mind. Strange, isn’t it!
  7. Real science (That with military and other powerful agencies in this world) is at least 60 years ahead of common science.If they want to spy on you, forget FB and whats app, they can capture thoughts of your mind from satellite up there. Scary ?
    • They can control weather via weather control technologies. Research HAARP and Tesla free energy.
  8. Economic Turmoil : A very big economic collapse is coming.Might be near 2035. All data points of debt point to that.Small collapses will be seen however in between. We might be heading towards one world currency and one world government.
  9. A mini world war might begin in as less as in a years time.
  10. Matrix : We are in fact living in a matrix. A very carefully constructed matrix.Very subtle though.Mind is too easy to manipulate, you see.
  11. Human’s are the Aliens : We, humans are the aliens to earth. We might have been left here for a purpose.
  12. God must be a mathematician or scientist. The precision with which he crafted, devised every thing and disguised its source , is impeccable. Laws of universe are consciously accurate and consistent.
  13. Women keep us grounded in this earth.If there were no women then
    • We all must have moved to another galaxy (In search of women!).
    • We all must have destroyed every thing out there.
  14. Quora shall replace FB one day and we need to find better alternatives as before.
  15. Greatest meditation happens after sex. The greatest distracted of mind is already tamed.
  16. If sex is sugar ball, pure love is honey.The only perceivable difference between the two is the life span of both.
  17. We dislike things we can’t understand.
  18. All philosophy come to end, when stomach is hungry.
  19. Ecstasy begins where mind ends. In deep meditative states, when all thoughts, space and every things comes to a standstill,you can meet your silent creator.He is always there but you only search for him out side.
  20. Secret to success is moving fast but secret to happiness is slowing down.

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