Love is the most elusive emotion in this world. It just happens and you can do nothing about it. Its like a intrusion into your mind.

Some one occupies your thoughts and your mind, without paying any rent and stay their for 24 hours!

All your energy and focus might be diverted towards him/her (In case of one sided love or unconfirmed love) or it becomes a positive background music for 24 hours.

This is the ultimate litmus test of love.

” If some one is in your thoughts all day all night.Every face you look, resembles their face, every voice rhymes with their voice, they (thoughts) don’t distract but motivate, you have found love.”

Love is a homeopathic dose of pain.

इश्क़ वो लगी (आतिश) है ग़ालिब , जो लगाए ना लगे और बुझाए ना बने

This one is due to me.

नहीं मिलती तेरी सूरत किसी से , हर सूरत में तेरी सूरत नज़र आती है



Hemant Pandey
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