Definition of good life is

  • Prosperity of mind
  • No regrets whatsoever (You may have failures but no regrets)
  • Do what you love and get whom you love
  • Considering life to be one time investment. Life must be fun. You must enjoy your life to full without worrying about crappy societal norms and false notion about self and others. If I am not happy today then any amount of moolah in my bank account means nothing.
  • Understanding the very real fact that happiness lies in small things and often come sin little packets. Focus on the content (happiness) and not the package.
  • No one can make you happy or feel worthy or loved. We can only share happiness and love. If I am happy then only I can appreciate happiness of other and let it grow.
  • A successful man wants others to succeed because
    • He knows the value of success
    • He is confident and is not jealous of others
    • He knows that success is a collective term. Only ‘WE’ grows and ‘I’ sucks.
  • A good life for a man must have
    • Name
    • Fame
    • Money
    • Women (Love)
    • Wine
    • Power (knowledge)
    • Kids

One moment in true love is worth thousand moments in ‘love less’ comfort.

Happiness is an inner virtue.

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Hemant Pandey
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