Apart from partying, boozing, sex(for some), weed, smoking and many more of the sorts,including relationships and food, for me the most overrated pleasure is getting a job and your first salary.

Let me explain the anatomy of jobs.

  1. You get your first job (ideal case scenario) . Congratulations pour in, party, feeling ecstatic, top of the world, feeling validated (both from friends and girlfriend and her relatives).
  2. Fast forward 15 days. These observations creep in in office.
    1. Newness feeling gone.
    2. Everybody is a buddy feeling gone.
    3. Boss is real dude and friend, philosopher and guide feeling gone. (That bastard only knows one thing… More work… Feeling sinked in!) .
    4. You feel like your condom bursted on first night of honey moon and your girlfriend saying ‘congratulations tum baap banane wale ho !’ (congrats you are going to be father soon). We call this period as honeymoon period in corporate. Work load is feather weight. Every one seems godlike and cooperating.
    5. Your cubicle becomes your jail.
    6. Your dream to become productive and creative zeros down to learning excel tricks and ability to use Google properly!
  3. After this failed pregnancy look alike catch 22 situation all joy is superficial.

PS : The salary might not be overrated but experience certainly is.

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Hemant Pandey
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