Men are attractive for their confidence and women for their enigma.

  • Leave the physical standards of beauty. If you are just above average and do not dress like a ‘slut’, things are okay. Color choice of your clothes also play a very important role. Use sensuous bright colours. The contrast must be complementary.
  • The real stuff : So you feel that only physical beauty is all you need. Absolutely wrong. Physical beauty is like sugar, which will attract only flies, the guys that want only ‘one’ thing out of you and third class version of ‘men will be men’ metaphor.To attract alphas i.e. ‘real men’ you need to be like flower which attract honey bees.

What is that real stuff ? The real stuff is ‘enigma’ , a kind of mystery around you and about you. Men are like hunters or like ‘seekers’, they love to discover. More they don’t know about you , more likely they want to know!

  • Be absorbed in your own world, in a ‘Zen’ like state and they will try to ‘unfold’ the mystery and be a common girl, giggling all the time and telling all about herself in every second FB post and ‘real’ men will take you as a ‘slut’ or ‘friendly girl friend next door’. You will be however surrounded by those stray dogs who only want flesh from your bones!

Try this today

Go to any social place, just absorbed in your thoughts and not affected by the surroundings and you see people you never saw in your life before. Those flies and dogs are always intimidated by you ‘enigma’ but Alphas love that.

  • Don’t over do : Its good that you attracted them but after some time start to open up a little. Don’t go on being enigmatic for too long. Else they will think that you have no stories and hence its ‘awkwardness’ and not Enigma.As a general rule ‘tell only when a man asks you’ about some thing particular. Don’t worry, they do not listen to the sound of your words but the music of your voice. Whatever you say with a little animation, sensuousness and innocence, they will listen. Again men are intrigued by ‘innocent’ confessions.If you are genuinely innocent in some kind of disclosure , you won their heart.

Great men are not motivated by words but by silence. He is there to listen to crests and troughs of you feminine voice and NOT to have a fruitful discussion about ‘International policies of Israel over Iran’ .

  • Intelligent people generally don’t like intellectual discussions with girls. They already have enough people for that. They want small things in life to be discussed. Your dog ‘Bruno’ is more interesting to them than ‘Barrack Hussein Obama’. If they like the only intelligence , why in the world will they come to you? ( Don’t take it otherwise. Girls are very intelligent and can hold long discussions. But mind and heart don’t go too far).

What is more interesting, fragrance of a rose or information about its petals and their botanical name?

  • Intelligence attract all, innocence attract intelligence.

Are guys attracted to simplicity of girls?


Hemant Pandey
Hemant lives in Mumbai (India),writes on Quora (2600 followers, 2.8 million views).Published 5 books on Amazon Kindle. Entrepreneur, Writer, Mathematician, Professor.