Yes and a big yes.

Boys follow hotties but love simple girls.

  • Simplicity means ‘no tantrums and not dumbness’.
  • Simplicity means ‘loyalty’.
  • Simplicity means a bit of shyness but not ‘inferiority complex’ or ‘insecurities’ or ‘complicated behavior’.
  • Simplicity means having no hyper choices with respect to make up, clothes,wardrobe, accessories etc. but not having ‘limited’ taste or range of choices.
  • Simplicity means knowing but not telling and not ‘not knowing at all’.
  • Simplicity means ‘understanding the graveness’ but not over reacting and not remaining placid like a stone and unresponsive.
  • Simplicity means loving but not over expressing and not keeping every thing inside your head and expecting others to mind read.
  • Simplicity means being accommodating and changing in accordance to needs and not being stubborn-headed in the name of simplicity.
  • Lastly, simplicity means being simple but not simpleton.

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Hemant Pandey
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