I knew this girl some time back. She was quite intelligent and hard working. But their was a weirdness about her.

She was infinitely moody.

We were good friends. We used to chat a lot on whats-app. Not every day though but whenever it started we used to chat for long hours sometimes ( with breaks).

She was very sweet and kind of emotional. Bubbly and honest. She was going through a rough patch in her relationship ( Apparently a bad break up. She wrote a 13 page break up proposal for her bf!) If her break up letter was that long, one can guess the depth of her ability to live and feel emotions.

In those difficult mood swing moments, our chemistry was also broken. I know she doesn’t hate me nor I have any grudges ( I don’t/ can’t hold grudges), but still or personal ego’s or whatever is holding us back.

That sweet little relationship is now over but she knows that even a single hi can make it alive all again ( I know she wants that too), but and a big but… human mind is illogical and not ‘dillogical’.

Miss you my lovely little friend…

Hope to see you sometime.

PS : We connected again.

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