1. Good spicy street food
  2. Caring and nurturing partner
  3. Fame
  4. Yearly trip to Europe, US etc.
  5. Clean cities
  6. Less pollution
  7. Judgement free neighbours
  8. Ability to follow your heart (professionally) and your love of life (personally).
  9. True unconditional love ( Holds even for party dudes as well as social butterflies).
  10. Ability to wear your heart on your sleeves (literally for girls) and attitude for boys.
  11. Competent and honest government officials.
  12. Reservation less society (most, if not all).
  13. Opportunities to show case one’s true talent.
  14. Win over pakistan in any format of game (specially cricket).
  15. Reservation in Indian railways on demand.
  16. Full Kashmir.

However modern we become, our heart is still Hindustani and shall remain.

via What does every Indian crave?


Hemant Pandey
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