The best time is always ‘now’.

College time like any other time period in one’s life has both pros and cons.

It is NOT only party, girl/boy friends, booze and dance. It has a lot of hard work involved. A lot of learning, pressure to perform, career worries and less money (for most of us).

People are most productive at 46 and happiest in their 50 plus life.

You can’t meet/date your girlfriend all day, you can’t spend all the time roaming or watching cinema. You have to study, submit those shitty assignments, projects,practical,semester exams and 101 other boring (read very boring things). Life is a lot more difficult and challenging than ‘as seen in KJO movies’.
Research has shown that when ever we remember anything we don’t remember the exact occurrence but the last time we remembered it. Nostalgic memories are always more soother and better.This is due to the fact that brain tends to fade out negative details out of our memories as a survival mechanism.

Your child hood might NOT have been that awesome (of felt to you) as you remember it now. (Sorry to bust the myth!).

Last point, quality of your life depends on theme of your life, your basic nature and your mind-set. You are either a happy person or a boring person or serious nerd or a charming individual. Your experiences depend on your mind’s architecture and NOT on particular event or phase of life.

A happy person is always happy while a boring person is always bored, peripherals make less difference.

Change or define your theme of life and every day shall be fun.

My theme ‘You must enjoy every thing and anything you do, any time and every time’.

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Hemant Pandey
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