Enough said.

I want to dissect Love proposals at a different level. What it means to different entities involved?

  • The one in deep love : He/she has high stakes. They have many future plans associated with concerned person. A no almost kills aspirations of those who have no other option and are ‘love only one person at a time’ type.
    • Those with multiple sub options are often relieved that now they can focus their energy at other resources.
    • It hurts to all. Be it sensitive, egoistic or players!
  • The one who says no : More often than not a no never means rejection as such. It is a mere no. You want to drink coffee? No.
    • Do you hate coffee?
    • Is coffee a bad thing for whole planet?
    • Is coffee worthless?
    • Nope; Just your imagination going wild on greatest drug on planet ; Love. My or any ones disliking for coffee has no effect on core value of coffee. No one is God, we only make them so.

Thus rejection often means nothing to ones who reject. Those with low self esteem may rejoice with heightened ego trip for a while but it never has any other meaning for those so called ‘rejecting’ you.

  • We all are weak. We all have our own problems. We all have our own complexes. More importantly we all have our own rejections! The dude or diva rejecting you might be a hopeless satellite for someone else! (more often than not!).

Just chill chill just chill.

via How does it feel to be rejected in love, or to be dumped when you didn’t see it coming?


Hemant Pandey
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