Its disgusting but a stark reality.

Before I offer any solution or help let me explain a bit about male anatomy, to make is easier for you to make a decision.

  1. We are unfortunately programmed to get attracted by female shape. Our animal instincts are much deeper than our moral compass. We are evolutionarily programmed for this. But it takes just a few seconds to come to our senses. If they look at you inappropriately for a while but realize their mistake, it’s okay. It’s not their fault. We as a human and particularly males can never overlook food, sex and danger. If human in them overtakes animal in them, is alright and make no further fuss. Ignore it. It’s just instinctive.
  2. If it happens for more time and many times, then following course of action is suggested.
    1. Try to cover your self more in front of them. If any female covers herself in front of me, I or any one else also would take it as a signal to change of my peeping behavior towards them. Do it few times and they will shun their leering.
    2. For shameless males, who also try to be over friendly and touchy, hurting male ego is next most appropriate silent defense. A disgusting look or making them feel like a molester often works.
    3. In some cultures family members are allowed to have incest relationships. In such cases direct intervention is better. They must be properly communicated through all possible verbal and non verbal routes. I had a Muslim student who never liked her maternal cousins advances. I told her to let him know clearly and he backed off since then. Problem is that, girls are often submissive and non communicative. Often males misinterpret their signals. Some times for a shy girl, they take a no as a yes.
  3. If you are romantically inclined to any one, then you have to give them the liberty to look at you. If you hide yourself from them as you do with others, then your relationship might be in trouble. Men are possessive. Other than that follow steps given above. Do not hesitate to inform your confidante elders or parents.

Only love is bare all, rest is lust.

Why should only boys have to propose to girl? Can we expect the reverse to happen? Why or why not?




Hemant Pandey
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