I love these questions (I am a soft narcissist).

  • Honesty : I am damn honest in about 95% of situations, particularly involving finances. You can trust me with your money for ever.Reasons
    • I am a spiritual lover boy. I more often than not find people so attached with a piece of paper that it starts to stink. Money is important but integrity is more important.I find money less attractive than people, feelings, emotions,love etc.
    • Those 5% cases always involve a fraud played on me earlier. Then I am no saint. Tit for tat. My goodness is my choice but not my weakness.
  • Rest less Curiosity : Many people including women in my life,my teachers, professors, students etc. find me intelligent (not my words).
    • I know I am intelligent, because I know I know nothing. Socrates
    • I am infinitely curious. I love to understand things, processes,people,behavior and every ‘why’ in this world.
    • People misunderstand curiosity for intelligence. Real intelligence is in living in now.
  • Passion : I do every thing with infinite zeal and passion or else I shall never pursue it. I love whatever I do and do whatever I love.
  • Intense Romantic : I am best lover in this world. If I love you romantically, nothing can beat that experience. I am a full time lover. I make people whom I love a part of my thinking process. But I am also very choosy about whom I love. If I love you then I don’t need your permission or reciprocation for the same. I love you independent of your answer to my never asked question. But if I ever stop loving you , I never bother to justify myself, same way I never sought your permission before.
  • Unexpressed love : This might look weird, since I am very out spoken and confident other wise. I find hard time expressing my self to people I love. I am too naive and vulnerable when I fall in love with any one totally. To expose this vulnerability in words is next to impossible for me. The people I love know it pretty well. It is crystal clear to them that I love them. I guess it’s enough. I am the way I am.This creates an unresolved paradox in the mind’s of people I really care about.I know a lot about human behavior, psychology, confident other wise but not with people I love. If they also love me (in almost all cases), I must be more open with them!. But this unresolved query might have its roots in my early child hood when I was very introvert and simple. Once I stopped going out of my house for six straight months (in my grade 6th), since my friend told me that I no longer belong to their group for some trivial issue!. My outer persona always tries to protect that inner child I guess. This might be a valid reason for why I leaned so much psychology.
  • Analytical poet and poetical analyst : This is a second paradox of my life. I was a literature guy till grade 8th. Always topping in languages like Hindi and subjects like social studies and always failing in mathematics and science. I used to narrate stories, read a lot of literature etc.My passion was to become a writer or Author. But due to some unresolved sibling rivalry , I turned towards mathematics and science. Particularly maths, since it was considered a tough subject to handle and not so easy for those with high ‘Emotional Quotient’. I became a topper in maths after wards!. This unique mix of EQ and IQ also serves my purpose at times.
  • Result Independent : I don’t do things with goals in mind. I just work and go to sleep. I don’t love you because I expect you to be with me. Its your choice and will. You can stay or leave any moment (But please don’t betray and keep me in lurch). Same freedom I expect from you. No bound either ways. Love is true only when people are free to go. If they stay only then love is true.I believe in doing my job well.
  • Detached world view : I am kind of detached with every thing. If it’s there it’s fine.If it’s not there it’s fine. I am kind of neutral with results and out comes. This is a great leveler. My happiness is independent of things, people and their interactions. This is also called enlightenment (The one who is aware of futility of material things).
  • Timelessness and spacelessness : I often feel the state of flow. Time stops to flow in my mind. I become independent of space. I am sort of lost in my job, my work, my thinking so much that all things in my immediate surroundings become obsolete. I can meditate in full packed local train of Mumbai, standing.
  • Live in present : I have no memory. It doesn’t means that I can’t recapitulate past events. It only means I have no running or flowing memory. I don’t dwell in past emotions or events. If I want , I can revisit, but most of the time I am in present moment. I don’t also day dream about future. I live in now most of the time. This is also a stage of enlightenment (awareness). You have to experience it to believe it.

My girlfriend of 8 years left me for some other guy. We were madly in love and now I’m completely devastated. Will she come back to me? What should I do now?


Hemant Pandey
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