There are quite a few misunderstandings about me, which I wish never existed.

  • My calmness is often misread as ‘arrogance’ : I am usually very calm and placid in almost all situations (since I practice ‘awareness meditation’ and also am quite spiritual). I am usually unmoved by people bashing (or just telling) about their wealth,position,contacts or power. This is some times taken as ‘oo what he thinks of himself!’.
  • My understanding of world is taken as ‘weakness’ : I understand every (almost) gesture of people. I know real motives are guided by false ego and over blown insecurities. Thus I usually keep no baggage (emotional or otherwise). You had an heated argument, were upset by me or vice versa, confront me or call me, all gone in a second. I have no episodic memory but only semantic memory. I purposely do not remember events and facts but only emotions. But there is a big problem. You have to initiate. Call it laziness or detachment, I usually call no one in my phone book. I attend almost all calls but usually refrain from calling. Give me a miscall instead. You have to bear this ‘uniqueness’ of mine.
  • I predict certain things and work proactively and that is taken as ‘desperateness’ : Having learnt a lot of psychology and human behavior, I usually predict happenings. Suppose I know that you are NOT that much angry with me and things shall be fine if I just message you once. Now I message you and keep no tantrums or baggage (if there was some fault of yours also), I am desperate!. I am very innocent and open in the beginning. It is only when I sense unnatural behavior when I start to play cat and moue. Believe me I am too good in that!. Forget winning, even surviving the game is very difficult with me (no bashing, I have living proofs). I sincerely hate the game but it is the way world is designed. Capitalism survives on ego,jealousy and pseudo behavior. I have never met any one similar to me except my real girl friend, Sanc***a).
  • My untoward behavior for expressing my love : It is infinitely difficult for me to express my love towards whom I really love. I don’t know why ? May be due to troubled childhood, I guess. This becomes a unresolved paradox. At one time I am very out going and confident and on the other hand I have trouble speaking those three words. My whole life I was blessed by bold women expressing their heart out to me.
  • I have learned a lot of psychology and seduction methods. But I never used a single method on whom I really loved. because it becomes boring and repetitive very quickly. It is no fun to live a fake relationship.


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Hemant Pandey
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