Trust is god.

Some people are very possessive . They love you like their own body. Don’t confuse this with insecurity.

  • You are what you hide. You were hideous of the fact because it was fishy!
  • To him you are the most important person and at the very least you must tell him.
  • He is hurt because he is in love.
  • Even though, wait for some time and explain the situation to him briefly. Do not justify or over apologise. As time passes our brain tend to forget negative details of past hurtful events (Positivity bias). Wait for say one week, so his own thinking makes him believe you more and then go ahead with extended love.
  • This is not your fault and girlfriends do have normal male friends. But due to media hype of celebrity break ups, crappy movies and other things, we are losing faith , both in ourselves and in others.

Every thing will be alright, if you don’t have history of cheating.

PS : These true lovers kind of boyfriends are very cautious and they have almost every information about you and from every possible source you can imagine. Why ? Because they are investing their total energy in you.

via Why does my boyfriend leave me after knowing I went out with my guy friend for a day?


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