I like to chat a lot and hence I was assumed to be a flirt often.

I belong to Lucknow (UP), the city of Nawabs and hence the city of etiquette. Lucknow, Banaras and Hyderabaad are known for their soft skills.We in north India , love to chit chat a lot. A lot means ‘A LOT’ , we can instantly connect to any one, may be a guy or a girl.

When I was in college, almost every girl we met, would become our default friend. We like to praise (Genuine) and compliment (This has subdued now in Mumbai as culture here is entirely different).

Many a times this openness is mistaken as flattery. But it take only ten minutes for most of them to realize that their is a distinction between being flirty and being interested. Also praise is not always flirting.

To me real flirting (Showing interest in right sense) commence, when I touch you. May be on your wrists, cheeks or hair. Touch is very powerful, much more powerful than talk. If I have a urge to touch you, then it means I am interested, else it’s just friendly chit chat.

To make the two gestures (Normal vs interested) , I am always very careful with my touch. My touch is exclusive. It is real transfer of electrons from my body to yours. (This is not the same as friendly touch or accidental touch, but intentional touch).

Lastly in love,

If your looks deceive, my words flirt.

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Hemant Pandey
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