Mine is a weird story.

I was in love (Deeply) with a girl, when I was 22.She was 13!

I was a good looking guy, with decent communication skills.I had several female friends (Only) and knew that quite of few of them are interested in me also.(Some of them proposed to me also). I was a kind of studious, a bit private, mathematical(read analytical) and friendly.
I was very romantic (Still I am). Used to write poetry,love stories and similar to Rahul of DDLJ.
She was a small, dusky Bengali Girl.I knew that she was also a school topper.She used to live in front of my house.She started it all.She will come out of her house on a bicycle and give me a glance and the go away in two rounds.I was of the thought that little kid getting infatuated.So literally I was her crush, in the beginning.
After all this I will get busy in same activities of flirting with other girls of my age and all other stuff guys do in that age.
Her house was in a strategic position that she can look at me from window and I can never look her if she doesn’t come out of her house.
She started hide and seek as an when she realize that I was getting attracted to other girls.Naturally I will become curious about where she has gone!
Slowly I also fell for her as she will shut her off completely, for my neglect.

This all was very disturbing.My friends of no help for me.They will often accuse me of using a 13 year old girl for my pleasure!

I had many girl friends earlier, but no true love.They were either rout of convenience or I was their crush etc.My only serious relationship(?) was with S******a.
I would become speechless in front of her and she will also choke in front of me.Whole region was aware of out so called love Story.Many guys just stopped following her because she will never ever look at them!

I know we are in true love when we become poet.I( started writing poetry, loving Galib and what not.24 hours , seven days a week 365 days a year, she was in my mind.I guess all this happened because of two reasons.

She was unapproachable to me.
I was distant for her.
We never met but were so close that I thought I will telepathically contact with her.Many details can’t be shared due to anonymity and privacy.

Only one final remark. I was a player.I knew the tricks.But she made me a lover, a true one.Why? Because she never changed her stance for me.Not for a single day, not for a single second!

She made a lover out of a Casanova(Not literally).

PS: I was a charmer.I charmed many girls but never ever broke trust of any one.Not a single one. In my diary there was a tag line : Hum dil todte hain, bharosa nahin todte.(We break hearts but never the trust.Trust is god.

What are some interesting high school crush stories/experiences?


Hemant Pandey
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