No.Nothing is compulsory .

I also don’t support marriage as I don’t support government jobs.

  • She must know this fact in advance.
  • If you start with a marriage clause an change in between, then its cowardice.
  • Never commit. Ever commit then never vomit!

Pro Tip : You don’t love her. You just satisfied your lust. Now seeking validation to get out of guilt.

Love : Let me tell you what real love means. I have had many girl friends (One at a time). You go and ask any one of them behind my back. None will hate me. Why ?

Because the goals were very clear in the beginning. No false flags, no false promises and no misuse of terms and conditions. Yes it takes courage and you may loose a girl in the very beginning but, then no guilt talks afterwards.

Pro Tip 2 : Players are never guilty. Their sole aim is to get a girl physically . I know many with a score of 100 and more!

They are never guilty . Why ? Because their goal was clear to them!

They wanna use and throw. Don’t start with a double mind. Be a player or be a lover, but at least be true to yourself.

Players know how to install hatred in a girl when they leave them.They make the exit easy.

If you really love, then marriage is a non issue. Love finds its own way.