I want to share a strange story. It was a sweet little friendship (or may be more). I can’t divulge any other details but we were going good. Lots of chats (occasionally though), lots of thought sharing and mutual admiration.

A misunderstanding occurred some day may be due to miscalculation of comfort level. She was (still is) very understanding. But I guess she was going through a bad emotional phase in her life (a break up). We discussed that too in detail. But she got offended by some thing (which was not a big deal). And it all ended like a boom.

I feel extremely sorry for the nice little friendship and amazing understanding we had. I still miss those quick two minute chats with her (may be once every week or so). She still has high regards for me (and vice versa) but some how our relationship lost track on a bitter note.

She might also realize that ‘I did nothing as offensive’ as she reacted may be due to mood shift or swing of her strained relationship.

I still consider her as my good friend. She is welcome any time since I keep no baggage, emotional or other wise. A message or call can reignite every thing we had. Since she foreclosed all paths to recovery, the onus is on her to initiate. I know she wants…lets she if she can (has the guts).

If you are reading this, lets start again. Life is no place to fight. It is already very small.

Lets be friends again. I know you don’t hate me. Just drop a message and I promise it shall be same again forever.

UP Date : We connected again. Still chat but formally and rarely.