Four reasons people are not satisfied now a days

  • Expectation bias : We expect every thing out of everything possible. We expect people to love us back.We expect efforts to produce results.We expect things to go the way we like. This expectation kills the joy of both, the journey and the destination. If we reach, we are not happy because we always expected that!. If we fail, then obviously we are unhappy because our expectation was demolished!. Stop expecting and start working.Enjoy the journey baby,destination is too boring!
  • Over exposure of media and information : Media onslaught of information explosion has corrupted our minds in more bad ways than good. We are always in constant state of denial of our own life, our bodies, our social status, our capabilities etc. Media (capitalism) thrives on feeding our ego and using our insecurities to their advantage. A happy society is not a good consumer. It is all business. If we stop to fall prey to the unending loop of mutual jealousy, our lives might be much happier. That day shall never come , when you are perpetually happy. Don’t worry, be happy, right here, right now.
  • Nature of mind : Mind is never satisfied. Till your girl says yes to you, she is demigod. Once she say that coveted yes, she is just another piece of trash!. There was a joke taking rounds on social media a day before. ‘If men behave the same way after a relationship, like they did before a relationship, there would be no breakups. If women behave the way they behave after a relationship, before a relationship, there shall be no relationships!’. Understand the wandering nature of mind. No material benefits, no flashy iPhone, no dream boy or girl or car or job or house or whatever can fully satisfy you ever. Nature of mind is like a drunken monkey. It always wants more. Try to be happy in whatever you have in this present moment. Your happiness should not be bonded with things, objects or people. It must be independent of every thing.
  • Happiness comes in small packages : In the search of our grand future, our dream job, our unseen future, we miss many small little happiness already with in us and around us. The chirping of morning birds, that little rain drop , those flowers, that wind, the cute smile of your baby, that love letter with aroma of rose and many other small joys are over looked in the blind pursuit of ambitions.Ambition can give you success, money, material comfort but never real happiness. There is nothing more boring than surrounded by things and neglected by people.

Be happy, be good…

What is the most pleasurable experience of life?


Hemant Pandey
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