1. No thought state of meditation.In advance stages of meditation, there comes a period when your brain stops altogether and you are immersed in infinite zero.Nothing beats that pleasure, not even sex.
  2. Alone time with your true love (not # relationship stuff). Love is some meditation in itself.If you are with the person you love (Mutually), your mind should find immense satisfaction,assurance and bliss. In advance stages of love, sight of love can be orgasmic. Love is a spiritual experience. In meditation you become zero i.e. 1= 0.In true love 2 = 1, i.e. two souls combine to become one mind, thought and body. It happens only in advance stages. Spiritual union of two souls is ‘moksha’ (enlightenment) but thorough path of love.

PS : Although I have experienced lot of relationships, this state of love I experienced only twice (i.e with two people only).

What are the better suggestions to read with concentration?



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