My experience with life and love.

The most difficult thing which I ever witnessed was getting at right wavelength and time sync with my lovers.

  1. Some times I was ready and they were not.
  2. At other times they were ready and I was not!.

Let me explain. Suppose I loved some one and was ushering all my love on her with no return or all neglect or all ego play. Eventualy I would stop trying altogether and suddenly their cupid will become over active.This sequence shall follow and in turn a simple relationship shall become “its complicated”.

After initial years of this tantrum based logic less ego play I adopted neutral approach.I accepted that drama is part of love. Then onwards I stopped keeping baggages.The moment you want to return,I am super ready but burden of initiation shall forever rest on you.

Tip : We make those lovely relationships complicated for our falsely hyper inflated imaginary ego.Sometimes a simple ‘hi’ is all that is needed.We can spend 24 hours thinking about them but can’t spare 24 seconds to break the ice.Huh!

Relationships are NOT about compatibility but about complimenting.

Lovers must complement each other.We must make a pair of opposites and not a link of similarity.For an angry partner a complementary partner must be calm , cool and composed. For a sensitive partner we must have a material world know how partner.For an expressive partner, a silent listener is the best bet.

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