A girl worth loving is a girl worth marrying.

A guy can like 1000 girls because its biological and can’t be stopped. He will have a urge to sleep with many girls (Not universal though), but he can truly love only one girl at a time. I have seen players who have 25 girl friends (Time pass) and many more casual friends (Sex only) but they are also mad about that one special girl.

  • Girl must be very simple. Should not hang on any negative emotion so long. For example she is upset but she must get out of it quickly. That is what we call bubbly or happy go lucky girls.If you heart is pure and mind is simple (No game playing) then you must be normal soon.
  • Simple doesn’t mean dumb but simple means simple in nature. Not too many tantrums, not too much anger,not too much manipulations.With all that I mean to say that she must get angry for some thing valid but then understand quickly and then become normal again. If you love then love is the primary emotion and rest of them should be supplementary. To me (Scientifically also) mind changes its state in 3 days or 72 hours.If some one is angry for more than 72 hours, then it is a game.
  • She must have a very high EQ. She must understand the difference between humor and seriousness.EQ develops with age and as you dive deeper into love it gets better.If sense of humor is man’s requirement, understanding that sense of humor is girls prerequisite.For men I like IQ and for women EQ.
  • She must love unconditionally (Very Imp).Conditions are laid in contracts and not love. She must be with you through thick and thin.This quality is also very rare mainly due to influence of media and over hyped breakups.One can easily test this quality. You can pretend that you lost your job, business is not doing well and so on and so forth.If you can get any decent girl with this kind of mental make up, genuine and trustworthy , all other qualities including beauty and EQ, fall apart. When you will become old, the physical beauty will be no more but the unconditional love will always stay.But easier said than done in todays era. I will leave any ‘hot girl’ over a simple trustworthy loving girl.
  • She must be open. She must learn to open up about her real motives and feelings. After certain trust is developed, I merit the girl in accordance with openness she shares with me. Does she tells me about her friends ? Her stories ? Her thoughts, her inner world. If she doesn’t open up, means something is fishy .Okay she doesn’t open up with me, so she must opens up with some one else!
  • Ego must be for intellect but not for emotions She likes to debate, fight, become angry…all okay.But she must feel these things by emotions and not by mind.She can takes things to her heart but not to mind. Heart is soft and forgives easily but ego is tough and always tries to take revenge. Once you will play and other’s ego will be hurt, again he will play and your ego will be hurt.Thus heart and mind don’t go too far, it just becomes a manipulative game.

Above qualities are subjective in nature.Other objective qualities like looks, physique, charm etc. come into play in the initial screening.Once you surpass that stage, then above qualities come into play.