Depends. Its both okay and not okay.

  • For real love its okay even for 71-year-old Kabir Bedi to marry 42-year-old Praveen Dusanj, that too after 8 years of courtship, but NOT for some part-time fun (Which I don’t endorse for the sole reason that sex never fulfills you rather drains you). Lust without love is like body without soul.
  • We also have instances where 63-year-old Mr Matuk Nath of Patna fell for 22-year-old Julie (her student) and they lived (Still living) happily thereafter.
  • There is a caveat. Girls now days are too moody. If you don’t have the right girl or mature girl or bold girl, who can face all the hardships that will come and if you are not strong socially and economically, it’s not worth giving a chance. Let me explain. Suppose you go into a relationship, irrespective of your relationship status, you need to wait for more than 7-8 years for this relationship to become fruitful.(She will study, have a career and so on). Will she stay with you that long when her teen hormones settle down ? Hence a very true and strong love is required, which I doubt girls of today’s era have.(No generalizations though).
  • Scenario : If both of you are looking for some fun, then its okay to the extent where the girl is capable of understanding the repercussions of the relationship.This fun period will (Can) last for 1-2 year, till she gets a better boyfriend and then also keep using you (And also you using her) for their mutual pleasure. Since I don’t have any such experience, I can’t comment whether any such girls exist (I only have found true lovers till date). This may look wrong to some people but it is absolutely fine for some people (Much common in Mumbai as I hear, no experiences again for the same reason).
  • Next scenario : You both truly love but unable to fight various odds (Think so). In this case also I do not recommend to give up. Since future is unpredictable, you can never say what can happen. But road is tough.
  • Scenario three : You both are (Become) financially independent (Very important for girl as she can be pressurized if she doesn’t have earning capacity), then all problems boil down to nothing. Obviously your girl cannot earn now but she must be capable enough to pull string for herself if some family pressure comes.

Conclusion : Before starting any relationship to courtship level, your goals must be pretty clear. It must be conveyed to both the parties that what will (Can) be the possible outcome. Rest, don’t fear of moral crap and societal pressures etc. Nobody cares for any one.

You only live once and all this will remain here only.

PS : I strongly discourage enticing or seducing any innocent girl into this, if you and she are not on the same platform of outcomes. Also since you are more mature, I will suggest that the girl should come to you and not vice versa. If you only want physical pleasure please don’t waste a life for this. She also lives once.

PS 2: I suggest girl coming to you as if you go to her then it may become an assumption that you seduced a simple girl into you (Which is often true). You can hint her but if she doesn’t even has the courage to propose you and beat all the crappy logic of society and her friends and her own upbringing (Traditional thoughts), then it’s not worth pursuing for long-term.

PS 3 : This is my thinking and has nothing to do with general or moral thinking.

PS 4 : I am not discussing morality of a man enticing a young-girl or morality of young-girl seducing an older man. I am presuming that true divine love is the basis of everything.

PS 5 : People will usually assume and slam man for seducing a young-girl, but I have seen many reverse cases also , where these young lasses have enslaved and used these vulnerable men.

PS 6 : If a girl is impressionable at the age of 16 so a man in his mid thirties. Most men are settled at this age and don’t look for casual flicks here and there.

PS 7 : I am assuming the ideal case : A very good man and a very simple nice girl.