Feelings are same, destination is same but routes are different.

I assume you know some thing about evolution and how our brain process information.


  1. Are more logical in the beginning. More attached in the sense of being protective and possessive. Provider like tendencies and want to take care of girls every need.
  2. Guys don’t always over think, if things are going well. They don’t take minor issues like ‘Not answering call’ and ‘not replying the next second of their message’ very seriously. They always focus on bigger picture. But a word of caution, they do keep mental record on unnecessary tantrums and illogical behavior.This always can be attributed to their male ego and competitive mind.
  3. They are emotional but not very good at expressing them., They love you but may never say those three magic words again , until you beat the hell out of them!
  4. Pretty straight forward and hate to hell the mind games played by girls.


  • As you see the bullets changed for numeric to circular! Same here . Girls are quite complex and moody in their definition and execution of love. Mood of a girl can change 10 times in one hour! (Its all hormonal and also in their physiology).
  • More emotional and less sentimental.
  • Want more love like a fantasy romantic novel. Expecting their prince charming to come of horse (Porsche) and take them to the ride of heaven. More like SRK love stories. They idealize and fantasize the love.
  • They force their lovers to say ILU 10 times every day and also want them to shout it in middle of a mall for them!
  • Emotions are grand for them. For guys a bouquet of flowers (Of red and yellow roses) is 300/- bucks(Cheapest brought from online shop) and for them it is smell, flora, scent,color and emotion.

Essentially girls are right minded and guys left minded, as far as love is concerned.

Last example : For a girl ‘I love You’ means ‘I loooooveee Youuuuuuu soooo muuuch…’. For guys it is ‘ILU’. Period.

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