No they are not but they are rather very good.Its only girls don’t like it!

  • Guys are minimalist. Suppose you ask a guy in a text “How was the date” They will reply with a thumbs up or down! No ‘description in the comment’ logic!.
  • For a girl , you can expect a long story starting from flash back of last night to her make up to her pick up to her kiss, hug,dinner, walk after dinner, bye bye kiss and then at last screen shot of his good bye text!.
  • Not to mention, you can also expect some revision of their per-relationship scoops!
  • It is only that we are wired differently.Girls are descriptive, creative, more romantic and feel more deeply every thing.They are more expressive also. Guys on the other hand are just ‘Abstract’. They are bored by details, because every date is same for them.Calling, arranging the place, picking up, paying the bills and hugging, kissing and sending the same(Very often!) forwarded good bye text , which he saved last time!
  • Its only in the color of your spectacles and not the reality which differs. Both love the same amount but their expression is different.

Its not the view but the vision which makes the difference.