I am strongly against marriage between lovers. Why ?

The thrill ends when you are permanent. We all have a tendency to loose value to whatever is permanent in life.

  • If water comes 24 hrs, not valuable.If comes only for one hour, bravo!
  • Same with electricity, government job and hence marriage.
  • Marriage is a social contract and was a necessity 15 years back , when women were not that independent and free. Not today. They are independent. Then why bind each other in a contract ? If love cannot keep you close what a marriage certificate will do? I know this is a advance thought and complex idea. Issues like alimony and people cheating their spouses will rise. I suggest pre nuptial bond for that, similar to alimony but no other bounds. Any body is free to leave whenever they like.
  • You may argue that this will make people cheat more ? No. If you don’t have any thing fully, how can I loose it!. Its human behavior.

The more free you are to leave, more likely you will stay!