Let me brief some points about my life.Now (at present), I have stable career,most if not all amenities required for a comfortable life. So what do I miss now ?

  1. Enthusiasm (Read freedom) : When I was in University, 100/- were heaven for us. We would fill 10/- petrol in our bikes (Guys of 90s era can relate with this. 10/- petrol used to last about 15 km) or may be 50/- at most. We will then race on with our bikes and take a good round of our city. Girls , those wonderful girls, that road side vendor serving pani puri and bread omelette,oh how can I forget all those pleasures! (Many more are there). The point which I want to illustrate is that we have leisure now but pleasure then.There is a stark difference between pleasure and leisure. The same which is in between money and wealth, between road side tasty snack and a lull dinner in an AC restaurant with soothing (Actually boring) music!. Happiness lies in little small things. Happiness is in enjoying the new rain, talking to a 2 year old kid and trying to understand their perspective of world. Going to beach in mid rain and taking a plunge in sea.Happiness is not in attending seminar full of philosophical boring speakers and being served dish whose name is equivalent to a full recipe. The irony of getting old (civilized) is that we forget to enjoy life. Our neck buttoned suits suck life out of us also.We are prisoners of our own customs and boundaries (of society).
    1. How many adults do not want to enjoy that ride in a swing in the park?
    2. How many of us do not wish to dance like mad on the road in fresh rain?
    3. How many of us do not want to run from the shitty traditions,customs and regulation of so called civilized aka boring society to do what ever we want ?
    • Those hundred bucks are worth more than a million of today, since the happiness and ecstasy they bought cannot be realized by any amount of money by me.

2. Love (Friend ship) : As we grow old we are introduced to the bitter most truth of society. The friendship transforms to ‘strategic alliance’ and love becomes a ‘convenience’ aka #relationship goals.The amount of hollowness in today life is insurmountable.We all want love and want to be loved but still very few are having it. Why ? Because we fear to take a step.We want assurance or reciprocation first before exposing our vulnerabilities!

  • I miss love, true unadulterated love, with out needs,boundaries and expectations. As we progress more into societal norms and as predicted by many social scientists that we will leave emotions also in future as an evolutionary trait. I fear that future generations might never be able to observe true love.

3. Specific event : As I wrote several times back also that only regret in my life which cannot be retreated is inability to extend my true love (A Bengali Damsel… Ahh…I started learning bangla for her!). It is such a feeling o deep regret that nothing can fill that gap ever.

Other things which I miss are

  • Good meaning less soap operas.
  • Mindful melodious music.
  • Really good movies.
  • Cricket match when Sachin was batting.
  • Mahabharata and Ramayana
  • Jungle book aka Mogli and yes Baghira and also Sher Khan!
  • Writing of Shobha De (A serial called Shanti was written by her)
  • Detective Byomkesh bakshi and Karamchand (Kitty).

List will never end 🙂