Friends and lovers reach to the different areas of brain.

  • They do have overlapping areas, like caring, compassion,love (Platonic) and so on (Based on general friends profile). So what differentiates love from friendship ? Even at the risk of disagreements with several people, I would write ,its sexual attraction and tension! .No body loves their sister less than their girl friends but the way we perceive them is different. We look at our sister in a platonic way and girl friend in  a sexual way.
  • I would not like to debate with one’s who say that love and lust are different and etc. etc.. Love and lust are interlinked. Its okay that you and your girlfriend may decide not to do it but it doesn’t mean that the need and want should also be absent. If you or her don’t feel like touching each other, kissing and hugging, then its just plain friendship. Again liking and doing differentiated for shy and uninitiated types.
  • Now enough background. Therefore my friend she doesn’t like you sexually!!. You have to make yourself sexually compatible for her.Once the fantasy circuit of her brain is activated for you, you have some chance (Same for girls.If he doesn’t desires your body also, he is just you brother).
  • If you want to get over her, I would recommend some sports or physical activity or gym. Physical activity clears your mind and puts the focus on your physique. Its really great and try this. Jogging for half an hour will start doing miracles in two weeks.
  • One more better option is to write it out (Not type it out). It has been shown by research in graphology that writing relieves tension in our mind to paper. Just reread it twice or thrice and soon you will start laughing at yourself.