We all have. The crush is not on the person but on the characters played by them.

  1. Madhubala : My crush started with Madhubala, when I was a small kid (Four or five).Here is a relatively rare image of her.

This image has a kind of intense gaze, a trance like pensive mood.Image shows a moment, captures a mood and make you think about what she is thinking.She was Marilyn Monroe of India, in terms of seductive looks. Acting wise , I rate her way higher. The kind of bubbliness exhibited by her, energy, enthusiasm, spontaneity and seductive smile is unparalleled for Hindi Cinema. Any one in Modern era, even at half of what she was, is Madhuri Dixit.

2. Bhagyashree (As in MPK): After Madhubala , I was without crush for some years, till this Movie came. Maine Pyaar kiya . The character (Not heroine) played by Bhagyashree fulfils the ultimate fantasy of an innocent girl friend.

To my answer for perfect girl friend/wife material, the character suits to a T.Watch this intense scene to get the essence of movie.(So true).


I fell in love with one girl (Two years elder) whose nature and voice was similar to her, after watching the movie 13 times!. She was (An*****a) was my first major crush (Love). We used to live in Shillong. She was fat and not at all beautiful (Though she was gracefulful), but her nature was just like the character portrayed.

3. Kajol (As in DDLJ): Then again I was crush less for some time. Then came DDLJ and Simran, the character played by Kajol. Oops…she was exactly the carbon copy of my only real love (San****a). I watched the movie 100 times. I knew it scene by scene, dialogue by dialogue, word by word.

Simran was perfect amalgamation of a girl who was ‘traditional in thought and modern in approach‘ .See the variations here.

Perfect girl friend in first half and perfect partner in second. The kind of contrast in the character makes her adorable. (The reason all relationships are short-lived now days are that the depth in character is missing.)

Girls are more good-looking than ever, thanks to Dove and F&L and facial,manicure,pedicure and what not.But they lack the intensity , the drama, the real substance , the real them. They are always faking.

Same with boys also . They just wanna impress some one by any means. It’s not about impressing a one but remaining what you are. In the end all paste and glue will wear off and what will remain is a hollow mass of flesh and bones.Look at this scene to know what chemistry is. Today we only know about biology!


‘Palat ke dekhegi’ is still a commandment of love approvals!

(For other side of the fence ‘Chappal phenk ke maregi’ also works!)

4. Priyanka Chopra (As in (MSK) : Piggy chops is hot and no doubt about it. She is perfect girlfriend material. Eye turner, intense, dominating and shrewd.She is a perfect seductress. Her looks and mannerisms can make any one feel weak in knees and a bit above it also!

Watch the scene from Quantico (Search Youtube) for disbeliever. She is perfect sensual fantasy. Her lips are best in the world for an intense kiss.

5. Deepika Padukone (As in Ramleela and Bajirao Mastani) : Deepika Paukone is a perfect girl in every possible sense. She is ‘hot’, she is understanding, she has one of the most gracious looks in the world. She is sexy and no doubt knows how to carry herself. She is one of the most photogenic actress right now.Only one problem! , she loves monkeys and that monkey (Ranveer singh!). I hate Ranveer. Period.

Watch this naughty scene.


6. Yami Gautam (As in Badlapur ) : Yes she is damn hot. She also has the perfect combination of looks and sensuality.

Simplicity combined with sensuality.

7. Katrina Kaif (As in Rajneeti) : Katrina is certainly out of this world. Her ability to carry herself and convey her message with her body language is just immaculate.

Yup she is some times too hot to handle (I wear Ray Ban at times , while watching her movies!)

End Note : Being a die-hard romantic, I fall for many women for their grace, but sadly most of them have nothing but a ‘hot’ looking body with no real substance or emotions or fake emotions. Thus I fall in and out rather quickly out of love if emotions are not there, the concern is not there, the real love is not there.

Physical beauty can only attract but never hold.

What is your college crush story?



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