You are getting the basics wrong over here. It is not that girls are not intelligent or can’t make sense of your mechanical engineering problems related to triple integrals. i have seen and know many good girls very good at logic and reason. But this is not the way it is meant to be.

  • Men and women are different. Their perspective of life is not same.We are wired differently and that’s really good. i would never like to discuss contours integral for complex transformation on a date!
  • Life is in emotions, those little chit chat, that sev puri and yes I forgot , that little colorful gola of ice. A girl must have functional intelligence (which almost all of them have). Apart from this what else you want. Wanna space scientist who talks about combustion of love and emission of third stage of guilty feelings!
  • Change your perspective. Every one is not an IITIAN and need not be. More knowledge and sophistication takes away all the little charm in life.
  • Life is always in those little moments. Take a test and close your eyes. Remember the most colorful memory you have. Remembered that locomotive engine in your Mech workshop! (I ‘m assuming that you are a Mech Engine). No. What you remembered might have been a birth day bump from your friends or proposing to your crush for the first time (Which I seriously doubt!).
  • We live in emotions. Thus try to gauge emotional intelligence or functional intelligence of other person and not what is the next term of this series 1,11,21,1211,111221…..(Don’t try to answer if you don’t know it!, No body ever answered it on its own).
  • She must be intelligent but not in the sense you want.

What do you like, a flower to be loved which smells good and feels good or some one who is filled with all the botanical information about that flower but no real smell.