I never had any such experience but even if I had, I would say ‘ I don’t care’.

Earning capacity and potential are based on many factors. It depends on economy, your field of expertise, your long term goals, your area, and on many other factors such as luck also.

  • If some one loves me for ‘what’ I am , then I don’t care who she is , how much she earns or not. But if some one loves me for ‘who’ I am, then all these things count.
  • For who part, then obviously I am not in. I believe only in love and nothing else. When I love some one I don’t count how much I invested in her.

Girls are pretty cool with it. But if you are insecure for your self, then they sense it very quickly.

I only count the worth of any person by substance in her. Some one might be a great painter, for example but not earning as much as an Air hostess. So what ? After certain point of time this money and material things does not matter.

Research supports this :  According to a research done in US, people whom median income was more that $75,000/- per annum, more money did not added any value to their over all happiness.(Yes basic needs are to be fulfilled).

Listen to this great ted talk about a study on happiness.

What makes a good life? Lessons from the longest study on happiness

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