I have had the privilege of being friends with many South Indians and in relationship with few. My second best friend was a Karnataka lad named Brijesh (Grade IX) (First was Ashish Das, a sweet bengali boy).

My father was in Army and we had a great privilege of traveling throughout India as well as meeting and befriending people from multicultural background (I was in KV where everyone has transferable job).

My answer might look biased as I was in love with a Bangalorean lassie , back in grade IX only (Anu…a Rao).We used to call her Anu. I start with her Qualiies

  • Extremely gracious and well behaved
  • Too good looking (Gorgeous). No all South Indians don’t have dark skin.
  • Extremely athletic and fit.
  • Straight forward.
  • Had very good English speaking skills.
  • Was school topper (My all girl friends were incidentally school toppers. I don’t know why this ‘weird’ coincidence).
  • Was very bold. Kind off followed me!. She extended her friendship towards me. I was too shy for that. In practice I am quite open and confident but if I start loving you, then I have a difficult time communicating properly. This might be the reason girls proposed me. Else it would have always ended unrequited.
  • Very very loyal. Might have rejected 100s of proposals in front of me, even then we were not officially a couple (Ahh nervous nineties, when we used to wait for six months just for proper introduction).I don’t know but it is a wide spread conjecture in social circles that South Indian girls specially Kannadathi’s are very loyal. They are late to say yes but will stick till the end. May be a bias due to my positive experiences. Readers can testtify.
  • She was very popular and all rounder. Used to participate in many extra curricular activities.She became more popular as she became almost hardest to get. Anu I love you, was a phrase over there!
  • Extremely sensitive but not touchy.Extremely emotional but never a drama artist.

Now for the general qualities which I observed in South Indians

  1. Honesty
  2. Education as top priority
  3. Soft spoken
  4. Religious
  5. Vegitarian
  6. God fearing
  7. Open and bold (often in proposing)
  8. Neat and tidy
  9. Exemplary dressing sense
  10. Inclined towards martial arts (May be due to Kalaripayattu , an ancient martial art form of Kerala).
  11. Inclined towards musical instruments or classical music
  12. Punctual
  13. Traditional values in tact
  14. Not very tactful (read deceitful).

In today’s world, what would a guy like to see in a girl so he marries her? In short, how would a guy define a girl worth marrying?


Hemant Pandey
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