Ever heard of feminine ego.

  • A girl , specially so called attractive girl, has roots of all her ego in her physical assets. If you rejected her or mutually or even she rejected you, then its not worth going back to her. Her ego has been destroyed by you and she will make her best to get it back by hurting you and make you follow her!
  • Best remedy is to just ignore her and not make these series of text messages to her. More you text (Become desperate), more she drifts away and enjoy your pain!

Love has a tendency to return (It’s all in our brain chemistry and some thing called ‘Dissonance’ in psychology). If you just wait and give her time, she will eventually come back.Give her space to fall back!

  • Very few understanding and nice girls are there. But very few, who are that understanding. These kind of good girls rarely breakup though and often love only once.

The wait is long , but worth it.

Can you share your experiences with South Indians?


Hemant Pandey
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