By letting go.

The truth is that there in nothing like innermost self. Its just like a onion. Mind will continue to explore your innermost sense an din the end you will find nothing. To reach the boundary, you have to leave mind completely.When every thing becomes still, no thoughts, emotions, desires, attachments, ego etc. you become enlightened. It just means you know the absurdity of every thing in life.

One and only one exception is there. Only one emotion or whatever you can say state of mind is permitted in enlightened state and that is love but with out attachment. You will love your children but not attached. You will love your spouse but not attached.

Love with out attachment is paradoxical. Right ?

Attachment is wanting some one, possessing someone, having a hold of some one, not letting him/her free. Its a bondage. You love me , now you can’t love any one else.You do this to prove your love.

No. Love is freedom. My love is always free to leave and so am I. No attachments, no commitments.

Believe me neither you nor she will never leave as long as this freedom clause is there. You are already free to leave, then where is the incentive for mind to work!

You will leave whom, who has already freed you to go any where?

It is not as easy as it seems but nothing worth having is easy. The moment you realize the futility of every thing, you will just let go.

The inner peace is beyond explanation.

Neither be attached nor be detached, be neutral.

Why do we choose people who are not good for us?


Hemant Pandey
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