I have written this answer for a guy in early 20s.

  1. A vehicle of your choice (Royal Enfield for me) : Nothing beats RE in terms of road presence and youth appeal. If you are planning for a bike, wait six months more but settle for no lesser equipment than RE.
  2. Pair of good jeans : Jeans saves lives. It saves time and effort in maintenance and good for fit and looks.
  3. A good laptop with gaming configuration : Weight must be prior requisite to select one. Laptop is like your girlfriend. If it is good and dependable, life is smooth but if it is moody and slow, life is a disaster.
  4. Nice wrist watch: Watches are only accessory suited for men in long-term. Selection of your watch defines your taste. Have a good one, both watch and taste.
  5. Clear financial goals : You must not just save in your 20s but invest. Invest in SIP, in people, in special skills like communication, in some hobby courses etc. Benefits are manifold for each categeory.
  6. Nice mattress : You spend 1/3rd life on your bed. Never save on your mattress. Period.
    • A good shower in morning.
  7. A good chair : Same as above. We spend more time on the couch than anywhere else. Invest in good chairs and sofas.
  8. Good pair of sunglasses : Good sunglasses are more than a fashion statement. They save a lot of hustle for active people, specifically those having ground or field work profile. Additionally girls love them too.
  9. Nice camera : Life is short and memories are your only treasure in long-term. Most of the times good smartphone cameras are good enough.
  10. Gym equipment : You cannot always have time for gym. A pair of good dumb bells is a rather smart idea.15 kg is ideal for most of us. For biceps more weight is not always better. You must also have 25kg barbell rod. These two are sufficient for standard work out.
  11. Good pair of shoes : Good pair of shoes are also a must have gear. Feet are most abused body parts after your tongue. You must have two pairs. One for office and other for sports or jogging.
  12. A good quality bag : You need one since a lot of traveling is involved in modern life. A bag is your second home and can have all things like tiffin to water bottle to emergency medication to important documents to other useful items like pen and ID cards.
  13. Term Insurance : A good term insurance (15 times your annual income) is always a best investment. Life is risky and you always want to be worry free for those about whom you care and vice versa.
  14. Departmental and grocery store cash back credit card : Major chunk of your salary goes into this category. A cash back card in this domain is always handy.
  15. Electric shaver : Trust me they are best time savers out there. I have one and it saves a lot of effort. When ever hard pressed for time, they are real friends.
  16. Juicer mixer grinder : It may look like a girlish wish but you need them a lot. Along with mundane tasks like juicing and milk shakes, they are best health booster. Need a healthy quick snack, turn the wheel on and merry-go-round.
  17. Belts : Belts are also an evil necessary. Apart from keeping your waist tied they are a handy weapon. You know what I mean. Pay special attention to buckle though!
  18. A sipper : Sippers beat water bottles hands down. Sippers can be operated on the go single handily while for water bottle you need at least two hands.
  19. Daily use equipment like a good pair of scissors, stapler, pen holders, Key-chain with basic mini tools, torches, emergency lights, umbrella, power extension unit etc are no brainer altogether.
  20. Lastly a nice wallet : And yes, do not forget to keep money in wallet before going for date. Keep thrice the amount you expect to shelve. Dates are costly, both on the day and afterwards!

PS : In comments many people complaining about only material aspects being catered. In several other answers of mine I have already touched abstract and spiritual aspects.

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